Archaeological treasures of the north

4 Days / 3 Nights

Discover Trujillo and Chiclayo on the northern coast of Peru, during four days full of sunshine and culture. Visit beautiful churches and mansions from the colonial era, as well as impressive 'huacas', temples and archaeological sites that belonged to ancient civilizations. Wander through museums, the Chicama Valley and enjoy the taste of the sea offered by Peruvian waters.


Trujillo: Known as the 'City of Eternal Spring', Trujillo has amazing sites like Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in America, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Huanchaco: This historic beach where 'Caballitos de Totora' - reed boats used for fishing and navigating - have been built for many centuries and are still used.

Chiclayo: This northern city is home to the 'Señor de Sipán' and the Mochica culture.


  • Day 1 | Lima / Trujillo – Visit the city & archeological museum

    After arriving in the city, begin a brief tour of the attractions of Trujillo. As a major city during the colony, Trujillo houses beautiful buildings and mansions of the time: Santa Clara and El Carmen churches, their Convents and the Church of San Francisco. Continue towards the Main Square, the Cathedral and to more historical buildings. Transfer back to your hotel at the end of the tour.

  • Day 2 | Trujillo - Sun & Moon Huacas - Chan Chan – Huanchaco

    Transfer to the Sun and Moon ¨Huacas¨, to visit the archaeological complex, which includes two large truncated pyramids, the ¨Huaca Las Estrellas¨, ¨Huaca del Cerro Blanco¨ and other buildings. Then visit the Dragón or Arcoíris Rainbow ¨Huacas¨, a pyramid of presumed religious use. Have lunch at a local restaurant and head to Chan Chan, the world's largest adobe city. Transfer to Huanchaco, a traditional beach in the city of Trujillo and finally return to your hotel.

  • Day 3 | Trujillo – El brujo complex (CAO) / Chiclayo

    Visit the Brujo Archaeological complex, which belongs to the Mochica culture. Located on this site is Huaca Cao Viejo, a pyramid that has walls decorated with coloured reliefs that portray complex scenes and geometric figures. This is where the Lady of Cao, former Mochica ruler, was discovered. After the visit, continue to the city of Chiclayo. Transfer to your hotel. 

  • Day 4 | Chiclayo - Túcume - Royal Tombs Museum (Señor de Sipán) - Huaca Rajada / Lima

    The tour starts at the archaeological complex of Túcume and its site museum. Transfer to Lambayeque to visit the Royal Tombs Museum which exhibits the Lord of Sipan and thousands of pieces of Mochica culture. Lunch in a typical restaurant and head to the archaeological complex of Huaca Rajada, where the Lord of Sipan was discovered. Transfer from the selected hotel to the Chiclayo airport. Assitance of a representative along the way.


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