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Why Peru for Adventure?

Peru is the pioneer of the South American adventure market. The varied landscape of the Andes Mountains, high-altitude lakes and the Amazon rainforest combine with a rich history to host a collection of cultured journeys for adventurous travellers. Trek, surf and feast on Peruvian delights as you explore both the well-known sites and the many hidden gems of this impressive Incan land.

Why PureQuest Adventures?


Inca Trail 2D/1N & 4D/3N

Travelling the Inca trail is a unique lifetime experience. Go through the same paths the ancient inhabitants of Peru used to cross to build the empire.

2D / 1N - Departure dates: Monday and Friday. (Shared service)*

4D / 3N - Departure dates: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. (Shared service)*

* Daily Private departures.

Salkantay 5D/4N & 4D/3N

The Salkantay trek is one of the most diverse to be found. The incredible landscapes vary from tropical forests to towering peaks, making this a one of a kind experience.

4D / 3N - Departure dates: Monday. (Shared service)*

5D / 4N - Departure dates: Friday. (Shared service)*

* Daily Private departures.

Choquequirao 4D/3N

Choquequirao is known as the  ̈Sacred Sister ̈ of Machu Picchu. Its architecture is as impressive as the Citadel ́s, being an archaeological site in process of excavation, it is a true wonder you can admire all by yourself.

4D / 3N - Private Service

Huchuy Qosqo FD

Let the undeniable natural beauty of the hike enchant you as you make your way to this archaeological site. Pass by the town of Chinchero and close to the Piuray Lagoon as you head towards the town of Tauca. Delve into the heart of the mountains up the Pucajasa Pass, the highest point on the trail, marked by two apachetas arranged at the site in gratitude to the Apus. Descend into the Sacred Valley until arriving at Huchuy Qosqo, with its well-built stone and adobe constructions. Finish the trek in the town of Lamay.


Balcón del diablo (The Devil’s Balcony) FD

Get to know a different side of the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park. The Devil’s Balcony, or Chacan, was a site dedicated to the worship of water, featuring a crag and a mysterious cave created by the Saphy River. Visit the Temple of the Moon, where you will have the chance to learn more about the Andean worldview and the important connection the Incas had with nature. The tour ends in San Blas, a neighbourhood known for its talented artisans.


Maras – Moray – Pichingoto FD

A trek through the Urubamba valley. The hike begins in Moray, an agricultural laboratory established by the Incas, where they used circular terraces as a way to determine which crops thrived in what temperatures. After it, make your way down an original Inca path to the Maras Salt Mines: thousands of pools full of natural salt water that comes from a nearby spring are worked for the artisanal extraction of pink salt. The adventure culminates in Pichingoto, a town about 45 minutes down the valley from the salt flats.


Choquechaca FD

For adventurous travellers who like nature and interaction with local communities. Begin at Pallata (3,100 meters above sea level) and ascend up the valley. As you walk, pass through various ecological microclimates and notice the changes in flora and fauna, due to the cloud forest phenomenon. Upon arriving at Choquechaca, be welcomed by the Laucata family, have lunch and enjoy a weaving demonstration. As you return, take a detour towards the Pumamarca Archaeological Site, an Inca shelter with the most terracing of any site in the whole Sacred Valley.


Huilloc – Pumamarca – Ollantaytambo FD

Discover the different facets of Cusco. Your adventure begins in Huilloc, a community that employs traditions from Inca ancestors in its day-to-day functioning. Participate in a farm activity with the locals, dress in their famous colourful garments and be part of traditional ritual done for good luck and protection. Make your way down an original Inca Trail, until arriving to the Pumamarca Archaeological Site. Visit Machu Iglesia: an Andean-Spanish chapel with beautiful altarpieces and varayocs. Descent until arriving at Ollantaytambo, considered the only living Inca town.


Chincheros - Urquillo FD

Begin at the town of Chinchero, one of the most picturesque towns in the Cusco region, boasting an Inca archaeological site and a gorgeous colonial church. Descend down an original, stone-paved Inca trail with the snow-capped Chicon and Pitusaray Mountains in the background. A small detour will take you to the Poc Poc waterfall, a perfect place to take a break and refresh. As you approach Urquillos, flora scenery transforms into vast green agricultural fields.



Enjoy a walk through incredible landscapes of the Peruvian highlands during 2 days and 1 night. You will have the opportunity to see the different varieties of South American camelids during the trek, as well as the imposing Ausangate Mountain. At arrival to Vinicunca witness one of the best visual experiences to be found: the 7-colour Mountain. You will have time to enjoy the unique landscape caused by the abundance of minerals that the mountain has. A must-see visual spectacle.

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