Why Peru for MICE?

Perhaps the richest of all South American destinations, Peru is an adventure for the senses. Due to its remarkable economic growth, Peru has become a strong South American contender for conferences and incentives seeking an emerging destination that can deliver long-lasting memories. Extensive developments in tourism infrastructure mean that Peru can compete with the highest international standards. The three amazing regions that constitute Peru’s territory – the coast, the highlands and the jungle – offer an unmatched range of climates, characters, landscapes and experiences. 

Why Pacific World?

Meetings & Conferences

Peru is emerging as an ideal destination for meetings and congresses. Thanks to its economic growth, it has allowed the development of adequate infrastructure as well as trained personnel in this field. Its popular history, rooted customs and exquisite gastronomy convert the meetings into success.


A set of emotions is what we transmit in an Incentive trip, programs designed entirely to the needs and preferences of our clients, where we seek that the participants live the experiences of a magical destiny where we have developed unique products of luxury, adventure, health, gastromy and spiritual healing.

Special Events

Events that seek to transmit the essence of our country, mounted under a responsible and creative production that make these unique events difficult to forget in the memory and feelings of the participants.

Success Stories

2017 Crystal Cruises Exclusive Event
Tilka Deluxe Picnic next to Huaypo Lake
Barbecue next to the sacred river of...

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