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Bathe at the foot of an Amazon waterfall in Gocta

Published 14 March 2017

Written by: Armando Ávila

In 2006, when a group of explorers led by the German Stefan Ziemendorf were able to measure the Gocta Waterfall, they discovered that it was one of the tallest waterfalls in the world, over 770 meters high. This natural wonder is located in the Amazonas in northwestern Peru. The journey to reach it begins at the city of Chachapoyas towards the village of Cocachimba. From there, a local guide takes visitors to the falls. As visitors make their way through the humid rainforest, the notice of arrival is given by the waterfall itself, as the sound of water pounding against the rocks reaches the hikers. The view of the majestic fall from up close completes the experience. The water and winds are intense but some are encouraged to blend in even more with nature and take a refreshing dip.