Wallata Plan

A project with the Ollantaytambo Community

The "Wallata Plan" seeks to make tourism the mainstay of inclusive development, sustainable prosperity and strengthen the identity and self-esteem of the Ollantaytambo community, and serve as a model for other communities in Peru and the world. 

The main objective is to build the sustainability of Ollantaytambo as a destination based on a territorial approach with a diverse offer, achieved with the shared responsibility of the actors involved to contribute in the economic and social development, which will come hand in hand with four specific goals:

  1. Promote sustainable urban and territorial refurbishment while maintaining cultural heritage
  2. Position Ollantaytambo as a living Inca city that offers unique experiences
  3. Consolidate the local economic development focused on tourism demand
  4. Promote the coordination and integration of public and private efforts by adopting innovative models of integral management based on mutual understanding and communication

For more information enter: https://www.planwallata.org/